A Fabulous Interaction with at least 26 Bigg’s (Transient) Killer Whales – 7/6/14

At least 26 Bigg’s killer whales today …. a “personal best” for me!

We were already privileged to watch the T137s, T86As, and T124A1 be very social at the surface when we got on scene …
but then … on the horizon we could see two lines of white froth and spray. The spray got closer and closer, revealing at least 15 more orcas speeding towards us from the west, all in one long line of porpoising whales (T77s, T124s minus T124C, T124As, T65As, likely others as well). You could practically hear Ride of the Valkyries playing as they steamed toward us.

t65a2, 65a5, 65a, 65a3, and not sure who is in the back june 7
T65A2, T65A5, T65A, T65A3, and unknown in back

Totally awesome, fabulous creatures. I’m blown away yet again.


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