Growing up I always loved the ocean and whales and even though I live in New Hampshire, which is a state where whale watches are routinely run, it wasn’t until I was 21 years old that I went on my first whale watch. This upcoming 2017 season marks my 17th year of being an avid whale watcher and my passion has not died at all. I’ve also been lucky enough to have spent time snorkeling with “my” Humpbacks down on their breeding grounds twice with more trips being planned. Going eye to eye with a whale, especially a whale you know and see regularly through the summer months, is an indescribable feeling. Check out Mandy’s blog at

Clamp and Her Calf – 3/7/24

Whale Watching in the Fog – 6/7/24

Incredible Encounter with Clamp’s Calf – 22/6/24

Sei Whale Spring – 11/5/24

Valley the Star – 5/8/23