Growing up on the West Coast you can’t help falling in love with the ocean, it’s beauty, it’s mystery. That wasn’t lost on me but a trip to New Zealand really brought that love even closer to the surface and I knew I needed to be on or in the ocean. Marine life has always fascinated me, whether it be a majestic Whale, a voracious Sea Star or a delicate and ethereal Nudibranch. Whales though are my happy place. Getting to photograph whales… sublime! Being able to capture images of wildlife being wild is such a privilege for me. I always liked taking photos but it was the whales who turned that like into a love and passion. Working for a whale watching company allows me to pursue both passions but I would love to see whales and other marine mammals all over the world.

A Day of Humpbacks – 7/8/23

Epic Porpoise Hunt with T019 & T019B – 11/8/23

A Visit with Zig Zag and Her Calf – 29/9/23

Singing Humpbacks – 2/22

A Day with Chainsaw – 4/4/23