Wonderful Day with Over 70 Orcas! – 13/12/19


After a few stormy days finally, the weather turned out to be very nice today.

Yesterday was full moon and it must be true that the it attracts the fish to get closer to the shore.

There were a lot of Orcas just a few minutes drive form the harbour. Loads of them. Altogether maybe 70-100 individuals.

I believe they have been feeding in the morning hours (there were fishing activity in the fjord before we arrived).
So by the time we have arrived they were mostly milling around, socializing and resting.

We saw some playful calves, spy-hops, tail lobbing behaviours.

I love to photograph them when they are resting in big numbers, it so fascinating to see them all TOGETHER  <3  <3  <3

Enjoy! -Krisztina

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