Whales of Fremantle – 3/9/19

The whales of Fremantle are back and today we met two magnificent, big adult Humpback Whales who swam over to say hello!

The tall, lofty exhalation up ahead signaled Humpbacks and as we approached, waiting and watching carefully for the next resurfacing we were all very surprised as two big shadows moved straight towards our bow.

Surfacing close and rather curious towards us, they ever so gracefully lifted their flukes and dived underneath the bow to investigate.

A few moments later the call went out as they surfaced a few meters behind our stern and seemed to have completed their investigation, we were now welcome to Join The Pod™!

Travelling with the two of these beautiful whales we observed the largest and most likely recently pregnant female Humpback who regularly lifted her fluke slowly above the surface.

Perhaps the small wound to the left side of her fluke tip was tender or she just wanted to show off her enormous and beautiful fluke, either way we loved every dive!

The whales of Fremantle will often rest for anywhere between 4-48 hours in the sheltered waters off Fremantle depending on the urgency to continue south. These two may bunker down in the sheltered waters and make the most of a few more hours rest as this next storm front moves through on Wednesday.

-Whale Watch Western Australia

This post was adapted from a blog, read the original here

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