Whale Watching Western Australia at Its Best – 20/6/18

Whale Watching Western Australia at its best today as Flinders Bay, Augusta came alive with the Language of the Whales™ as numerous pods communicated to each other with magnificent full bodied breaching, barrel roll breaching, head lunges, peduncle slaps and tail slaps.

Each pod travelling through the bay had something to say and we could see breaching from only a few meters in front of our bow and all the way to the horizon. The northern migration will be reaching a peak over the next few weeks as the breeding age adults continue to make their way north. This morning we had competition pods all around us as males raced towards available females, even if they had an escort male with them which often resulted in much peduncle and tail slaps!

We met a relaxed juvenile on our afternoon experience who approached our vessel for a good look before only a few meters ahead a nearby pod exploded into action. Enormous full bodied breaching and lengthy head lunges caused quite the scene as these two whales continued to breach and head lunge across our bow! They took off across the bay and we followed as they left the area at speed. Soon we could see the probable reason behind that intense surface activity as a competition pod started to form a few hundred meters behind them.

Joining up with this competition pod we are always in awe at their power and graceful movement when travelling at speed. A quick change of direction and all four whales swan directly towards our bow and spent a few moments just lingering there, looking back up at everyone.

Our last interaction for another magnificent day in Augusta was catching up with the same juvenile who we met earlier on in the afternoon.

He seemed pleased to see us again and came over for a quick hello before continuing on his way, we could almost hear him saying, “how about those breaches!”

-Whale Watch Western Australia

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