Whale Watching Perth – 6/9/19

Whale Watching Perth season is underway and as each hour ticks by we start to see our Humpback Whale numbers increasing as the steady migration south begins.

A beautiful morning greeted us and as we began our journey to the sighting grounds the local Bottlenose Dolphin and friend of ours Hiccups came over to say hello before continuing on with his foraging.

It wasn’t long before blows were sighted and we counted one… two… three Humpback Whales all travelling together in a social pod!

Seeming very relaxed as they rolled about on the surface, the youngest whale was the first to gently approach us. The two larger whales closely followed and as they investigated us we noticed some of their unique markings including beautiful Dalmatian style flanks and scarring that was healing slowly.

Looking carefully we noticed that the youngest whale in this pod had at some point this season had an entanglement around her fluke.  Thankfully, the rope has come away but during its time being dragged it appears to have dug into the skin of this young whale. Humpbacks are incredibly resilient and we can already see the wounds starting to heal, a sure sign that this young Humpback is feeling much better already. The three had been interacting for a while when suddenly the youngest began to tail lob over and over again.

The powerful display was amazing to watch and the older two individuals shuffled to either side of the tail lobs to avoid making contact with that powerful fluke.

After a tail lob it can be fairly easy to throw in a few inverted tail slaps too and this was exactly what the acrobatic young Humpback decided to do and show off that very beautiful fluke and its crisp white fingerprint.

Whale watching Perth seasons are always unique with no season ever starting or ending exactly the same and as we start to fit into the rhythm of this season we are excited to see what sightings await ahead.

-Whale Watch Western Australia

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