Whale Watch Cape Leeuwin – 15/7/20

Whale Watch Cape Leeuwin it was today as on both our morning and afternoon tour our beautiful mother and calf pod was sighted along with some very surface active juveniles hanging out near Cape Leeuwin. The local Bottlenose Dolphins had surrounded mother and calf as we gently approached and watched as she calmly escorted her little one away from the curious dolphins.

It will take a few more weeks before this precious calf is strong enough and coordinated enough for mum to allow for any solo dolphin playtime adventures. Allowing mother and calf to continue on with their resting and feeding cycle we moved towards some surface activity just off Cape Leeuwin. Up and away she went as a young female Humpback breached over and over again.

Full barrel role breaches and head lunges were followed with some pec slapping as she continued to attract attention on a dramatic winters morning.

Exhilarating and powerful to watch as this young female did a great job of attracting the attention of nearby whales with her spectacular surface display.

The afternoon was a very peaceful start with three pods all resting quietly before a familiar face surfaced just ahead. The female and her calf were back again and she swam her baby right up to us in a curious and familiar greeting. She is starting to recognize the sound of our vessel and every time we meet she is become increasingly relaxed and easy going as she sat just off our port side as both mother and calf continued resting calmly together.

We didn’t want to spend too long with her as we had already enjoyed her company this morning so gently tiptoed away. A powerful tail lob alerted the arrival of two cheeky juveniles who proceeded to swim directly towards us before moving underneath and checking us out.

These two lovely whales enjoyed some relaxed surface activity including tail slapping, pec slapping and tail lobbing repeatedly.

Common Dolphins swooped in and picked up on the energy of these playful Humpbacks as the two species interacted and mingled together playfully right next to our bow on a lovely afternoon in Flinders Bay.

-Whale Watch Western Australia

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