Welcome to the World T100B2! – 30/5/16

What a day! Got to meet a new calf that is no more than 7 days old!
T100B was spotted a week ago with no baby so this calf is only in its first few days of life! I could still see fetal folds and a wobbly dorsal fin.

T100B and her new calf T100B2

Really amazing conditions and then topped off by heading out on a staff trip and spending the evening with the T124A’s and T86A1.

T100F with the T100B's behind
T100F with the T100B’s behind
T123, T123C, T100 and T100E
T123, T123C, T100 and T100E
T124A1, T86A1
T124A1, T86A1
T123 spyhop

T100C and T123A were travelling together and separate from the rest of the whales for most of our encounter.

Pretty amazing day!


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