Unique Encounter with Orcas – 5/12/19

First picture of today 😊

Actually, these are multiple images merged into one 😊
This is a story about 2 sub-adult male Orcas. We have encountered them early in the morning.

They were together from the beginning swimming together and not really care about anything else, only each other. It was already distinguishable that they are males, though their dorsal fin is not yet fully grown I believe, but at this point higher, than a female`s.

They had some sort of sexual play between each other. They were swimming very closely together and demonstrated themselves in many ways. One of them was continuously turned upside down and tried to reach the other male. I have learnt that this is kind of sexual `practice` together, which is common with cetaceans.

They have done a lot of spy-hops, pectoral fin slaps, tail-lobbing…..

There were other orcas in the area…who seemed feeding. We saw fish (most likely herring) on the boat`s instrument, but they were at 100 meters depth. All the other orcas in the area went down and appeared to feed, except for these males.

They must have been feeding before.

It was so amazing to witness this is such calm weather 😊

Enjoy!  😊


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