Two Travelling Humpbacks – 24/6/19

On this trip we found two traveling humpbacks several miles off of Muir Beach.

They were in about 80 feet of water. We saw a breach and a pectoral fin as the whale rolled on its side.

There was some bird activity, particularly over anchovy bait balls.

We stayed with the whales for about 30 minutes before heading back to port.

On the next trip we headed straight west. As we were heading out, we got a report from the Outer Limits that several humpbacks had been seen near buoys 7 and 8. We headed there, but didn’t see anything. We headed to the northwest and found three feeding humpbacks in the area. They were lunge feeding, rolling onto their sides, and one was slapping its pectoral fin. There was bird activity in the area, and we could see bait balls shimmering at the surface. The whales were in 75 feet of water.

We spent about 35 minutes with these whales, then headed towards the Golden Gate Strait. We were just outside Point Bonita when the captain spotted another humpback whale. The whale had surfaced just a hundred yards northwest of the lighthouse.

We waited a few minutes and were rewarded with a fluke dive from Mercedes Benz – number 12 in our catalog. This whale is a frequent visitor to San Francisco – we’ve seen it every year since 2016.


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