Triple Header with Cassiopeia, J Pod and some Bigg’s (Transient) Orca’s! -5/6/15

Triple header today!! First BCYuk2010#2 “Cassiopeia” breaching like crazy in the Strait of Georgia,

June 5, 15 Cassiopeia

Followed up with J pod including new calf J51 with her mother J41 “Eclipse” and Grandmother J19 “Shachi”

Family portrait! J51 wedged in between Mom J41 and Grandma J19

J14 was also there popping up to check out our enthusiastic whale watching group!


Then on the way home we bumped into the T124A’s, T100B’s and T86A1….What a day!

T100B and T100B1
T100B and T100B1


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