Traveling Humpbacks – 22/8/19

On this trip we found one humpback out past the pilot station feeding in 94 feet of water. It had been extremely foggy all the way until we were 12 miles offshore, when it finally started to open up. The whale was traveling, so each time we spotted the whale it had moved farther west.

However, we did get to see two full breaches where the whale’s whole body came out of the water. These breaches were followed by a fluke dive which will allow us to identify this animal.

Later that day we were several miles west of the shipping lane when we found two humpback whales.
Although these whales took a long time to find, we were treated with a close approach where the whales came within 20 yards of our boat before fluke diving.

-AllisonThis post was adapted from a blog, read the original here

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