Three Species of Cetacean – 29/5/22

On a pretty rare calm and sunny day out in our huge fjord off west Iceland we encountered three species of cetacean.

Firstly out in the deep water of the fjord we found one of the male sperm whales that hangs out in this area at this time of year. We see a lot of sperm whales in spring and early summer off Olafsvik and 2022 in many ways has been an exceptional year as we have seen so many.

In one of my favourite moments ever in the many I have spent with the magestic sperm whale, both here and in many other parts of the world I crouched down low on the boat as the whale was taking a deep dive and the whale just happened to go up on a swell as the boat went down, and the beautiful tail came so high up it towered above me. I love getting low on the boat as it can make the photos much more dramatic, but this was an exceptional moment. 

Later on we also encountered a very curious Minke whale as well as some beautiful white-beaked dolphins.

This is the main species of dolphin seen off the coast of Iceland, one that can withstand the cold North Atlantic up here. 


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