Three Gray Whales – 15/3/20

As we left the dock on this trip, we heard reports of multiple Gray Whales between Alcatraz and Angel Island. It was only a few minutes before we spotted the first spouts.

There were three gray whales in this area. At one point a large oil tanker came through the area where the whales were, separating one of the whales from the group.

That individual appeared to go east towards Treasure Island, while the other two whales stayed just east of Alcatraz.

We saw a few fluke dives from these individuals. They appeared to be very skinny. We could see the ribs of one of the whales.

We then received reports from researchers tracking whales from shore that there was another gray whale close to Tiburon. We headed over and a passenger spotted the animal off of a very small spout.

We had seen this gray whale in the bay several times before. It has been in roughly the same area for almost three weeks. After photographing this whale, we headed through Raccoon Strait to the Golden Gate Bridge before heading back to the dock.


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