The T87 and T100B1 Show! – 10/10/17

Out on Chilkat this morning and right away we encountered the T100B’s and T87! Missed the shots but they started off making a kill, harbor seal, the seal was tossed in the air, and displayed many times.

After, it became the T87 and T100B1 show!

They played and wrestled together for over two hours!

Mom and baby were there but they stayed pretty far away, whereas these two stayed by us! T100B1 even made a close pass to the boat, swimming alongside us and checking us out!!

Tail lobs, cartwheels, spy hops, partial breaches and a double spyhop snuggle fest!!

Towards the end of the tour we saw a submarine and found the entangled humpback! We couldn’t stay with the HB long but we contacted NOAA and Orca Network, got pictures, but could not verify if the whale was still entangled or not.


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