The T137’s Hunt a Seal – 12/7/14

T137 head smack

The T137’s were hunting a seal that was trying to get into our boat. We have really noticed the curiosity these animals have shown towards boats but nothing prepared us for today!!

Siblings on the hunt
Siblings on the hunt
T137A dragging the seal around
T137A dragging the seal around

They started hunting a seal right when we got there and didn’t stop for almost an hour. We watched from a distance for a while but as the hunt went on and the seal tired, the whales ventured closer to the boat. We backed up and tried to move away but they kept coming at us. We shut down and they would let go of the seal go so it could swim towards our boat and then just as it was getting close, they would come nail it!! We could hear the seal wheezing in exhaustion and desperately trying to get to us for safety


We had to let nature take it’s course and stay out of the way but WOW, what an incredible sight!  The sub-adult male known as T137A seemed to get a kick out of letting the seal get close to our boat and then coming in quickly, grabbing it and pulling it away again.

Getting dragged under.....this was the last time we saw the seal.....alive
Getting dragged under…..this was the last time we saw the seal…..alive
The whole family involved in the hunt
The whole family involved in the hunt
T137A T137
T137A and T137

One of the coolest things I have ever seen. Nature in it’s rawest form!

This group is so curious about boats….especially T137A! It’s impossible to avoid them…they keep coming over to investigate.

10414429_10154397770000187_3599435891352011605_n -Gary

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