The T123’s and T49A’s Take Down a Sea Lion!- 9/4/16

We had a couple days in a row with the T123’s and the T49A’s! On April 9th these guys took down a Sea Lion before we came on scene. They were snacking on it the whole time we were with them and then the little ones especially celebrated the delicious meal with all sorts of carrying on! Breaches, cartwheels, tail slaps, spyhops. Never a dull moment!

T49a4 apr 9
Does it get any more awesome than a back breach by a young Orca??? T49A4 sure showed us what a good time looks like!

T49A4 april 9

The T123’s and the T49A’s have been a wonderful presence on our tours and they have allowed us to witness many different behaviours like this spyhop from T49A4.

Pudgy faced Spyhop! Adorable! T49A4
T49A4 in a Pudgy Faced Spyhop!


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