The T123’s and Humpbacks at Otter Point! – 27/6/17

A spectacular afternoon with the T123s, including T123A “Stanley,” and Humpbacks!

We spent time with the small family of three near Otter Pt, in beautiful conditions and ample light. Guests were in awe at the size of T123A “Stanley.” He’s certainly an impressive male for his age!


We also found Humpbacks not too far away. It turned out to be none other than BCX1068 “Split Fluke”, with her new calf. The calf has extensive rake marks and injuries to its tail fluke, suggesting that it was attacked by killer whales during its travels north. Clearly this mother fought hard to protect her baby – and she was successful. I hope to spend more time with this new calf in the future – s/he has certainly left an impression on me.


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