The T109As in Clayoquot Sound – 15/7/19

The T109As made a visit to outer Clayoquot Sound today. They are fairly regular visitors to our waters.

T109A split off from her mom several years ago.

She now has 7 other members in her pod as two calves were born last year to both her and one of her adult calves!

The T109As were joined by T97 “Gull”. He is an adult male usually seen with T93, who was not present.

This may have been a breeding opportunity between the whales as often a male will temporarily join another pod in order to socialize and breed.

Bigg’s (Transient) Orcas self regulate their pod sizes and don’t allow them to get too big. While they need to work cooperatively to hunt effectively, too many individuals makes it hard to feed everyone.


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