The T109A’s in Clayoquot Sound – 11/6/16

I have been hoping to capture a pod of orcas in the unique teal waters of Clayoquot Sound, caused by an intense algae bloom.


The bloom isn’t necessarily a good thing, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. The pod spent the afternoon milling back and forth in the south part of Millar Channel and mouth of Herbert Inlet. They were moving fairly slow and at times simply logging at the surface.


This group has been nicknamed the “Runaways” because they split from the matriarch of the T109 pod and have been on their own ever since. They are a charismatic group and I always look forward to time with them.dsc_0902-2

It’s good to have this crew back in the Sound. They spent a lot of time here last summer and even popped into the Ahousaht harbour one day






This story has been adapted from a blog post-read the original here

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