The T101’s in Deception Pass! – 27/5/17

We made the trek all the way to Rosario Strait and found the T101s south of Deception Pass! They were travelling in pairs, one group offshore (T101 and T102) and one group along the shoreline (T101A and T101B).


They were zigzagging back-and-forth in all directions throughout the encounter and they even passed by a small pod of Harbour Porpoises along the way.


We then motored over to Iceberg Point and found a Puffin!! These marine birds look so regal and they’re just plain fascinating to see…such a rare sight!


Before making our way back to Victoria, we stopped at Whale Rocks and had a look at the Steller Sea lions and a Bald Eagle.

T101B and T101A

What can I say…I love my job!! Come out and explore the beauty of the Salish Sea with Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tours ?




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