The Southern Residents off Stuart Island – 23/7/17

Welcome home! We encountered the Southern Residents tonight off Stuart Island, northbound toward Boundary Pass.


We spent our time with J22 “Oreo” and J38 “Cookie” first, then moved on to have a look at the J16s.

J26 “Mike”

J42 “Echo” was on babysitting duty, so she was travelling with J50 “Scarlet” and J52 “Sonic”. They quickly picked up the pace and porpoised toward mom, J16 “Slick”, once she tail-lobbed near the boat.


By the end of the encounter they were beginning to be tightly grouped up together, northbound.

J42 babysitting J50 and J52

With the setting sun, calm water and the sound of Southern Resident exhalations, we motored home.



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