The Orcas Return! – 9/11/20


Finally, our long waited “lucky-day“ have arrived and we encountered orcas today  <3

There were multiple smaller groups in the area. This year it looks like the season is a bit late, but at least maybe now finally is coming  <3

It looked like the orcas were feeding. For me, it seems like from their diving behaviour that the herring is still a bit deeper than usual.

We have also seen humpback whales in the area. Of course, as soon as the big guys realized the orcas are feeding they rushed to the scene  😀

Today we had an amazing whale watching experience  🙂

Of course, the wind and the waves were not missing either, but we did not mind with this amazing company  <3
We have seen orcas the last time, I remember exactly the 17th of January and we missed them a lot!!

Welcome back


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