The Most Amazing Whale Watching Trip – 18/8/22

Wow! This must be peak whale watching season here in New Jersey.

It seems this summer I have used that word many times to describe a particular whale watching trip. Several times I have said that this might be ”the best whale watching trip ever”. I think today was THE best!

Started off by going south out of the inlet because whales we’re reported there past 2 days off of Belmar and south to the Manasquan inlet area. Less than 1/2 hour after leaving the dock we had located a whale. This whale was throwing his tail around and looked like he was having fun.

Later, we came upon a whale in the Spring Lake area and oh what a find! To see a whale breach is an incredible thing.

To see it breach time after time after time, there are no words. When it wasn’t breaching, it felt like something was wrong! I think I can safely say this whale breached at least 20 times.

I think it was way more than that! The funny thing was if you missed getting a photo of a breach, it didn’t matter because he would do it again in a few seconds. I think this whale was either trying out for the Olympics or trying to set a record for the number of times a whale can breach within a 1/2 hour.

In addition, there were times he was waving his flippers in the air. It was a magical whale watching trip. Passengers were amazed, and some asked if this was the usual. No, this was a magically day, a real adventure.

Bill and Linda from Jersey Shore Whale Watch

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