The Last Day – 30/1/23

Today marked the second “last day” of our 2022/2023 whale watching season here in the North of Norway.

What can I say…it could not have been better

A special guest told me after the trip, “probably my best day with orcas so far, “… and he is a regular

Even though the fishing for January 2023 is mostly over, we still have loads and loads of orcas and fewer humpback whales around

Today, in the part of the fjord where we were, I saw at least 4 larger pods. So, my estimation is around 100+ orcas.

There was no feeding, though herring must still be around because so many whales are present. Instead, all the groups were casually cruising around, enjoying the warmth of the Sun.

All pods were very relaxed; of course, only a few boats were around.

The Polar Night has ended and after a few stormy days, today was the first day for us to see the Sun.

It is always fascinating to see orcas in front of the mountains of the Norwegian Landscape. One mountain in this area is unique with its spiky ridges….some call it the Spiky Mountian, and some call it Dragon’s Ridge. The official name is Kveanangsfjellet.

Today was magical as the Sun shone behind this beautiful mountain, and orcas were in the foreground.

Today is our last whale-watching day for the 2022/2023 season. We will miss them!

-Krisztina/Orca Channel

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