The K13’s Put on a Show! – 23/8/16

The first Southern Resident Killer Whales we encountered today were the K13s (K13, K20, K25, K27, K34, K38, and K44) – and they definitely put on a show for us!


K44 “Ripple”

We had just arrived on-scene around 4:30pm when K25 “Scoter” and K27 “Deadhead” erupted into the air in a handful of breaches. K34 “Cali” even got into the action, forming a triple breach.

K25 breaching!
K27 “Deadhead” breaching!

After the excitement of the breaches, K20 “Spock” even gave us a nice syphop in the distance.

K20 “Spock”

The K13’s were travelling quickly in front of the majority of L Pod (L26s, L47s, L72s, and L4s) when they lined themselves up to hit the wake of a nearby freighter. I’ve never seen anything like it! All of a sudden, they increased their speed and began porpoising through the waves. Notably, K25 “Scoter” and K13 “Skagit” were really high-tailing it!

K13 “Skagit” surfing
K25 “Scoter” surfing

We ended the encounter with them as they reached Stuart Island and turned our attention toward the Ls who were fast approaching.

K34 “Cali”



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