The First Time I Saw Killer Whales! – 28/4/16

The first time I saw killer whales was on April 28th 2016. I was travelling in Canada with my father and one of the things I really wanted to do was whale watching, so we went out on a tour with company in Richmond (Vancouver Whale Watch).


L87 “Onyx”

It took more than one hour to get to the whales and when we arrived a lot of them started breaching! The guide of our tour told us that they were Southern Resident Killer Whales, the fish eaters and not Transient killer whales, the mammal eaters. I did not know that there were two types of killer whales living close to Vancouver and they do not feed on the same things.


It was amazing to see these wonderful animals enjoying their freedom. We followed them for 1-2 hours when they were heading southeast between the islands on the eastside of Vancouver Island.


On the way back to Richmond, I looked into an ID-guide and tried to identify the whales from my photos. I was amazed how much information there was about these whales and how they could be identified. The killer whale that came the closest to our boat was L-87 “Onyx”, after comparing my photos with the photos in the ID-guide. It was an amazing day and I had a new passion: killer whales!



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