The Day I Went Whale Watching for the First Time – 24/10/13

The day I went whale watching for the first time. It was for a field trip with my grade 9 marine biology class (talk about the BEST field trip ever!!!!). I arrived indifferent towards whales and left an absolute whale fanatic, having spent time with the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales

K12, K37

Embarking on our trip, we were told that no sightings had been reported that day, and that we would focus on other wildlife before searching in thick fog for whales. And who do you think we found about halfway through our search?


None other than the K12s and part of J pod, with J2 “Granny” (now deceased) leading the way.




I can’t express how magical it was for me, someone who had never seen a wild whale of any kind, to be surrounded by killer whales in the middle of a fog bank. I’ll treasure that day forever.



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