The Best Friends of the Whale World – 22/7/20

Today “Milkweed”‘s calf approached us close enough that we could even see the hairs on her chin!  She is still spending lots of time spy-hopping and checking out her surroundings at the surface

It feels so good to finally be back out on the water enjoying the ocean and seeing old friends, human and cetacean. On the past few trips I’ve seen many whales that I’m very familiar with, but also some new like this youngster… . What a character she is. She’s been spending lots, and I mean LOTS, of time checking boats out and spyhopping which is a great behavior to see.

We also saw the “Best friends” of the whale world. Every season these whales find each other and form what has been dubbed “the Cajun Group”. I’ve always found these associations to be fascinating. Here we have “Jabiru” (left), “Pele”, and “Cajun” traveling and feeding together.

I’ve always loved this association. Very special whales.


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