The A30s in Johnstone Strait – 9/10

We were lucky enough to go whale watching out of Telegraph Cove for a birthday in September in 2010. After a quick glance at a Humpback Whale we came across the A30s, a matriline that’s part of A clan of the Northern Resident Killer Whales, a fairly common matriline in Johnstone Strait.

A30 “Tsitika” was the matriline when we saw them, she did pass away in 2012. She and her offspring including A50 “Cleo” and A72 “Bend” and grandchildren were present which was super cool to see!

The whales were mainly foraging and travelling but we did get one breach.

There was lots of spyhopping going on and it was really cool to see that two of the whales were double spy hopping facing each other, just like you imagine comic killer whales would look having a conversation.

There is one mystery that remains from this trip which is one male in this group that we have no idea who it is. He doesn’t appear to be in any catalogue of the Northern Residents which is surprising because he has a very distinct dorsal fin! On our trip we nicknamed him “Dumbledore” but we are sure he has a proper ID and nick name and we would love to know what it is!

It was an incredible trip, not just because the whales were SO CLOSE to shore as opposed to going whale watching out of Vancouver. We loved getting a chance to see the Northern Residents in action!


A39 “Pointer”

For more of this story listen to episode three of the Whale Tales Podcast!

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