Thanksgiving FULL of Whales! – 2/10/17

A day where I got to see ALL the whales. It started out with my captain spotting two humpbacks. One identified as BCX0132 “El Diablo”. The other I am afraid was not fluking and chunky conditions made for tricky IDs.

Had a great time with them then decided to go further south. This was on a hunch that Js were up north eating some Chum around Quadra and may have moved south. So off we go. I was just up in the wheel house taking some lat longs for sightings records and asking my Captain what the plan is when he said we would go see what those blows were ahead. I take a look and YAY! More blows!…”Those aren’t humpbacks….” Turns out to be a very spread out Jpod!

And conditions got smoother and smoother. Our hunch was correct. Had some more lovely times seeing Mike, Notch and others. They were very spread out so could not ID everyone.We left them to continue across the Strait of Georgia to home. We got a call that the T101s were near the Iona Jetty! Hell yeah! Let’s GO!

Before we even got to the Transient Orcas I found two more humpbacks and then two more, then two more! A total of 8 humpbacks ( a southern Strait of Georgia best)!

All the whales! It made me truly feel thankful and lucky to share the waters with such lovely creatures. Happy Thanksgiving to all cetaceans!


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