Talkin ‘Bout My Girl – 21/10/16

We had a love serenade today as we watched a young male Humpback do all he could to show how much he wanted to impress his new girl and we could almost hear him singing Talkin ‘Bout My Girl?? Humpback courtship is very special to watch as the males show their strength and smarts trying to impress the female. This male decided tail slapping was his greatest strength and we had a magnificent display of this behaviour for almost an hour as he tail slapped away and we think he did impress her as she stayed with him as they both went into a logging and resting state after an hour of interaction.






Further away we saw a huge amount of white water appear so we went over to check out why this Humpback was being a bit surface active. A few other pods were around and we waited for a little while watching carefully and then out of the blue straight ahead he appeared… all 45 tonnes of him! Breaching above the waters surface he landed with an almighty splash before continuing with three powerful head lunges. Amazing to say the least, this large adult was with another whale of a similar size who he was very protective of and certainly sent a very impressive message with that surface activity.




A beautiful day today and on the way back to the harbour a mother and her calf were enjoying some quite time and decided we were worth a quick look at! Always very special when a female Humpback presents her calf to you and you can feel how proud she is of her baby… so are we!


-Whale Watch Western Australia

This story was adapted from a blog post, read the original here

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