Tales of Saving Whales – Nicole C.

Nicole C. is one of the co founders of Whale Tales and has been a marine educator and interpreter for almost 16 years!

Where did your whale love start?

I was born and raised in the prairies so only knew about whales in the abstract way that most kids know about animals until I was 4. That’s when my parents took me on a trip to Vancouver and I saw my first killer whale at the Vancouver Aquarium and everything changed!

What current ocean conservation issue do you feel most strongly about?

This is a really hard question to answer because of course they’re all important but I think over fishing and unsustainable fishing practices may be one of the most pressing. It’s also the only ocean conservation issue that we as consumers have the biggest opportunity to change. People won’t fish for what they can’t sell so if we stop consuming unsustainable seafood and put our money behind sustainable options we will see change, in fact we already are.

What have you changed in your life to help save the whales?

I try as hard as I can to cut down in my green house gas emissions. I take transit to work every day, but local food whenever possible, and support sustainable energy initiatives. I use reusable plastic bags for my shopping and give reusable, environmentally friendly gifts to people for birthdays and Christmas so that they can be inspired to do the same. I also educate my friends and family on the issues affecting our planet and what we can do to help.


What advice would you give to others to take steps in their lives to help the whales?

I think education is the most important and impactful thing we can do. Educate yourself to what’s going on and think critically about your sources then share that education broadly so that the people you know are more informed and you have a larger group of people who can help you affect change.

Any whale tales to share?

Lots! Check out my link in the storytellers section of our website!



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