Tales of Saving Whales – Meg U.

Tell us about yourself

Hello! I am a 28 year old freelance pen and ink artist from Manchester UK. Since 2018 I have been making art for indie brands and bands. Recently however, I wanted to use my platform to highlight ocean issues through accessible art as well.

Where did your whale love start?

Ocean creatures, fish, cetaceans and sharks etc always, been fascinated by them. Similarly always been disturbed by how humans can go blundering in and cause upset for them. The ocean is vital, and monetary greed is so dangerous. However, seeing the blue whale on the classic Blue Planet BBC series as a child, I was absolutely enamored. Largest creature on the planet. Whale song can move me to tears. So innocent and majestic.

What current ocean conservation issue do you feel most strongly about?

At the forefront of my mind currently is finning. Taking a shark from the ocean, slicing the fin off and dumping it back. It’s just absolutely awful. All for posh soup. It’s a prime example of humans exercising power and greed.

But it is hard to choose one. Oil rigs disturb me, coral reef bleaching, and microplastics too.

What have you changed in your life to help save whales?

My apartment is as disposable plastic free as it can be. We recycle everything possible. I’m also learning each day of new ways to help. As soon as a beach clear up opens near me I’ll be there. I’m conscious of every action regarding the environment, however I am not perfect.

What advice would you give to others to take steps in their lives to help whales and marine life?

Research and learn. No one can do everything, but if everyone does a little bit, that’s more powerful than one person doing everything. Speak up and use your own talents and abilities as your platform.

Any whale tales to share?

I don’t have one. Sadly I’ve never had the chance to see one in person. It’s a goal to make sure I do though!

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