Tales of Saving Whales – Dorothy Y.

Dorothy Y. hails from Winnipeg but is still one of Whale Tales biggest supporters!

Where did your whale love start?

When I was a young child, I learned in Sunday School about Jonah and the whale. I thought it would be exciting to live inside of a huge whale. I had nightmares about cleaning the whale’s teeth though! My favourite whale is the orca. I remember taking my daughter to see one in Vancouver when she was a baby. She was fascinated with it!

What current ocean conservation issue do you feel most strongly about?

Keeping plastics out of the ocean especially disposable plastic bags from stores, disposable plastic straws and the plastic rings found around drink cans. I taught my daughter, from a very early age, to cut the rings into small pieces so they couldn’t strangle fish or birds.

What have you changed in your life to help save whales? 

I only eat sustainable seafood. I only ask for straws in restaurants if they are made of paper, like those of my youth. I no longer by drink cans that are held together with plastic rings. I shop with reusable bags when I do my grocery and other shopping. I keep a couple in my car so I always have at least one on hand.

What advice would you give to others to take steps in their lives to help whales?

Remember that if you are in or on the ocean, you are in the habitat of marine life. The oceans are their home. If one is on a whale watching excursion, ensure that the boat abides by the marine law about how close to whales and other marine mammals the boat can go. If you are driving a boat in the ocean, stay the required distance away from whales and other marine life. I also promote using fewer plastics in our daily lives, shopping with reusable bags and refusing plastic bags from stores.

I support and encourage support of the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre and the wonderful work both it and the Vancouver Aquarium do in educating the public on ocean conservation and sustainability, in research and studying marine mammals and other living things.

Any whale tales to share?

I saw a large pod of humpback whales from an airplane when I was flying in to Maui in November 2015! My camera was packed in my luggage and I didn’t have a smartphone, so the only picture I have is in my mind. It’s still a beautiful memory!


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