Tale of a Whale – 19/1/19

It was our first tour in the morning on January 19th 2019, one of our regular guest was on the tour and as usual we were trying to spot a humpback whale, the most common specie we can see in Los Cabos, then from far our capstan Victor watch a different spout shape.

It wasn’t necessary to be very close to recognize that it was a huge male Sperm Whale, we were totally surprised by its size, possibly 60 ft in length, our regular guest she was saying is the first time I see an animal like this! After three exhalations more the huge male went down and of course it would disappear for a long time, these animals are amazing very deep divers.

Just watching them is how we can imagine why the old navigators used to talk about sea monsters, a unique experience in life!!!

-Tania from Whale Watch Cabo

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