Tail Slapping Party – 3/1/20

I remember this trip as one of the funniest ones. It was a private tour for two couples that come to Cabo every year. And every year, they go on a whale watching trip. It was clearly the ladies the ones that loved the whales, their husbands were just following.

They wanted just to see the whales so we left the marina straight offshore. After about 10 minutes searching for whales, the Capitan spotted splashes, so off we went. It was a pair of Humpbacks slapping their tails at the surface.

They would only stop tail slapping in order to breach or pectoral fin slap. They were this active during all the time that we spent there, I remember that we left and they were still tail slapping. I really wonder why, but I guess we will need some time to truly understand these animal’s behaviour. Until then, we can enjoy.

When we arrived we were alone and only two more boats came after us. We didn’t feel like harassing the whales as it can occur sometimes in the area, when too many boats are around one group of whales.

I remember how happy those two ladies were and how amused their husbands were because of it. Certainly a thrilling trip to remember.

-Maria from Whale Watch Cabo.

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