Tagging – 28/11/22

Days are getting shorter…and darker

Today we found 2-3 groups of orcas a little north of Skjervøy.

Two boats were also nearby, working with the orcas from the University of Tromsø.

The boat from the University, with Audun Rikardsen onboard, came closer to explain that they had just deployed a tag on one of the male orcas.

He asked me to take some photos of it, which we managed.

The tag is positioned near the animal’s blowhole. It is a suction cup tag that causes no “harm” to the animal. Instead, the tag sucks onto the skin and most likely lets it go after a short period.

This animal did not seem to be bothered by the tag.

I was keen to share a clear photo of this male with the tag with the University.

At some point, I told Norbi we should try to get closer so I could take the photo.

After I said this, the orca with the tag surfaced right next to the boat, facing us.

He stayed and surfaced next to the boat 2-3 times. I made a comment to Norbi that “OK, I got what I need.” Then the male just swam away…

Sometimes, I definitely have moments when it feels like they know what we want. They can sense it. Today, this orca acted like he deliberately came up to the boat for the photo…

-Krisztina/Orca Channel


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