T49A’s and T123’s – First Killer Whales of the Season! – 7/4/16

First killer whales of the season for me yesterday!! Spent the afternoon with the T49A’s and T123’s! I was having battery issues and wasn’t supposed to shut down but when these guys changed direction and came right at us, I had to shut down and let them go by. Unfortunately the motor wouldn’t start after that and had to limp in on one but was totally worth it.

T123C Lucky. eye patch is almost identical to mom's
T123C “Lucky” with an eye patch almost identical to Mom’s

Amazing to watch T123A “Stanley” and T49A3 interacting and to see the skin condition on T123A’s dorsal fin appears to be getting better compared to the last couple of years.  It was incredible to watch the groups interacting. T123A “Stanley” was playing around with T49A3 showing him the ropes of being a bull male

T123A Stanley and T49A3
T123A “Stanley” and T49A3

One of my favourite shots yesterday. T123, a 31 year old matriarch peeked her head above the surface and you could see her turn her head and look our way.

T123, born in '85, Sidney having a peek
T123 “Sidney”
T49A1, born in 2001, sporting some rostrum scars apr 7

So glad to be back on the water with these guys!


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