T49A4 Clowning Around with Big Sibling T49A3! – 15/10/15

Nothing epic (well, except that Dall’s Porpoise slaughter that I didn’t manage to photograph) but just lookit’ all the little transient rostrums! Makes me all giddy!


T49A4 was clowning around with big sibling T49A3  while mom T49A had a piece of carcass in her mouth. It was hard not to imagine the scenario being similar to that of a human mother carrying a big plate of dessert to the table with two small children scurrying around at her feet, salivating and buzzing with excitement, trying to grab a piece of the delicious sweet morsel, elbowing each other out of the way.

T49A4 with T49a 3 (underwater) mom on left with carcass
T49A4 with her mom T49A on her left



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