T2B in the Strait of Georgia! – 5/5/18

T2B in the Strait of Georgia! This pod was feeding on a seal when we arrived and the smell of blood was in the air. Surprisingly it smelled like watermelon. Always happy to see orcas!

We left the harbor with a clear path to head northeast to catch up with other whale watch boats there were with the T90’s and T2B. It was some distance across boundary pass into Canadian waters and around Saturna Island and into the strait of Georgia. After a bit more cruising, we caught up to them going up the shoreline and getting a bite to eat!

It was pretty awesome to see them going after good and the family working together with a little help from their “aunt” T2B. They are made up of thirty-eight year old mom T90, 12 year old son T90B, 8 year old daughter T90C, the fifteen month old calf (gender unknown) and T2B who is fort yone years old. T2B has no offspring of her own and travels with this family and another. We don’t know if she enjoys being around babies or just likes the moms because of their similar age.


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