T137’s Edmonds to Whidbey – 8/10/21

We dropped the crab pots and set off to try and find some whales that were reported near Kingston.

Only got as far as Possession Bar and found T137A “Jack” and his Mom and siblings on a kill.

They split up quite a bit, sometimes all 4 split, sometimes in groups of two.

They proceeded to kill a few more things including punting a seal (Tim saw it, I missed it).

There were a few breaches including one by Jack (we didn’t get a photo of him)

We had two close passes, once by Jack and the second one was a fast direction change, we stopped and suddenly they all popped up right behind our boat and swam next to and underneath us!

Tim got a cool video of that! Beautiful day on the water, also watched what looked like two otters fighting off Jack and his Mom…

Getting our limit of crab rounded out the day to make it perfect!

All photos taken with a telephoto lens and heavily cropped and zoomed to show details. All whale watch guidelines were followed.


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