T137 Hunting Lessons – 12/7/14

It was a beautiful day out in the Strait of Georgia and we were having a great time with the T137’s. They were all being fairly active and social and the youngest member of the group was practicing tail slaps for over five minutes.

Suddenly every member of the group disappeared underwater and I just happened to have my camera pointed here when one re-appeared by ramming a harbor seal out of the water! We watched the group teach the young one how to hunt this harbor seal for over half an hour. The adults were constantly demonstrating how to ram and body slam the seal and then the calf would try a few times, getting better and better with each pass. Anytime the seal tried to swim away the adults would circle around it and bring it back towards the calf.

Photo of Bigg's hunting a seal

By the time we left the seal was on it’s last legs but they were still using it as a training tool. This was without a doubt the most incredible day I’ve ever had out on the water with these animals.


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