T100 and T124 Interact with Paddle Boarders – 15/8/13

T100 and T124 …. they headed straight for these two paddle boarders, causing them to paddle like they’ve never paddled before for the safety of land. T100 and T124 ever so casually cruised right along the rocks where the two girls were collapsed on the rocks, their legs having clearly given out from fear.

Aug 15 T100 and T124

… it was awesome  Considering that just 10 minutes previous, these two skillful matriarchs were preying on seals in an intensely calculated fashion, it really tore down any mysticism and desire to swim with them.


2 thoughts on “T100 and T124 Interact with Paddle Boarders – 15/8/13

    1. Not at all. They don’t eat or attack people. Absolutely ZERO reports ever of orca attacks in the wild on humans. Only when you rip them from their homes and family and imprison them in tiny fishbowls have they ever attacked a human.

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