T087 Kills a Harbour Porpoise! – 8/10/17

After a hard day at work, Tim picked me up at the fuel dock and we went out to find 2 humpback whales that had been spotted near Kingston. We didn’t find them, but I was watching an Orca Network post about transients that had turned South. We started heading that way and spotted them near Picnic Point.

They took a sharp turn towards Possesion so we hung back and watched them travel.

They had split into two groups and suddenly they started porpoising towards our boat!

We shut down and watched as the porpoise swam past with T087 right on it’s tail.

They finally all porpoised past us and then played with the Harbor Porpoise for at least 25 minutes!

When they decided to eat the birds showed up, T087 swam a little ways away as the T100B’s celebrated their kill!

At one point it seemed like they may have had 2 porpoise, still not sure. We left them about an hour later as they turned South and last saw them heading South past Apple Tree Cove.


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