T075B’s, T065A’s, T099’s, T123’s and Gray Whales – 1/5/23

Out with Puget Sound Express today on Chilkat out of Edmonds. Tour started a few minutes off the dock with the T065A’s transient orcas.

They were very spread out so we headed down to Seattle where we caught up to a huge group of orcas (T075B’s, T099’s and T123’s).

The whales had just finished a meal and started heading North.

We left them and went over to Everett where we found gray whales CRC22 Earhart and CRC531 Gretchen!

There were 2-3 other grays in the area as we could see the blows but they were quite a ways off from us. We encountered Steller sea lions, harbor porpoise and seals in Everett as well.

Thanks for a great trip!


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