T065A5 “Indy’s” Adventures – 22/8/22

We had, Indy, who is T065A5, who has just dispersed from his family, he seems to just be having the adventure of his life. One of the days, one of the days we had him like, he’s, he’s eight years old. That’s like an eight year old human leaving the family be like, see ya mom, I got an apartment and feeding myself, I’m good!

So he’s just yeah, he was hanging out, kind of closer to Vancouver a bunch. And one day, I can’t remember what group was with him at the start. But then they went into Burrard Inlet. And he was off of the North arm of the Fraser and everybody thought that, you know, this was a really, you know, young whale and called DFO. And DFO came out and kind of monitored, monitored him and then saw him feeding on his own. So they were like, Nah, it’s it’s weird, but he’s fine. It’s, that’s clearly clearly his thing. And so then we got IDs on on him after that and figured out who he was. And we’re like, oh, that that makes sense.

But then one day, we were with him and man, like, I was on a boat with him and he got a Harbor Porpoise. It wasn’t an adult harbor porpoise.

It was like a juvenile, I don’t know about a neonate, it was bigger than that, I think.

But definitely a smaller harbor porpoise.

So it was crazy to watch him take this harbor porpoise down we had him basically all to ourselves because everybody else was like, oh, it’s just one orca we’ll go see if we can find anything else.

And then everybody kind of came and spent some time with him and every boat got to see him eat something like he took down a porpoise with us he took down a harbor seal with the next boat he took down like it just it was like porpoise and harbor seals all day long. Like he just went on a killing and eating spree. It was very, very surreal.


This post was adapted from a voice recording in the forty forth episode of the Whale Tales Podcast, listen here

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