Swiftsure Tour: J’s and Grays – 21/3/23

Swiftsure left the dock for the Gray whale tour at 10:30. As we were pulling out of the marina, we saw members of J Pod out mid channel.

We didn’t know if they were the leaders so our Captain stayed close to shore and inched our way along while we all spotted front , back and sideways figuring out where the whales were.

We were really far away but our Captain took every precaution not to get near the whales.

We picked up speed when we were clear of the orcas and then went on to Everett to find some grays! We found #531 which showed us some nice flukes and then in shallow water we saw #2440!

We left and on the way back we encountered J pod again, and again our Captain moved all the way over to the Edmonds side as the whales were on the Whidbey side of the channel.

We slowed down to make sure we were clear and then headed home.

It was a great day on the water, thanks Captain Tony!! All photos taken with telephoto lens and then heavily zoomed and cropped to show details…all whale wise guidelines and distances were followed at all time.


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