Surrounded by Orcas! – 31/3/21

Peter and I had planned to meet early this day as it was the last day of salmon season and conditions were supposed to be favourable. We set off in the dark and began the Georgia Straight crossing to Polier Pass as the sun rose. After landing 6 salmon I noticed a chain of spouts approaching like an army of beasts. We pulled in our fishing gear in a haste and shut off the motor. Minutes later we were surrounded by Orcas.

They swam under the boat, breached, and slapped their tails. I could feel their energy and it reminded me of when my family would go on long walks and us kids would play together running ahead of the group and falling behind while the adults maintained a steady pace.

Experiences like this are a reminder that this planet is no more of a home to humans than it is to any other species. Respect the earth and respect each other. One love🌎✌🏼.

It was one of the best days of my life.


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